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22 May 2009

Week Three

It's been over a week now since I last 'posted' and can you believe it someone has actually noticed and pulled me up for this; my first fan! The wedding was amazing, a lovely setting, great food and good company, what more could you ask for? There was a slight downer on the way home when we realised that we had lost our train tickets and were forced by National Express to pay £107 each to get back to London. Don't get me started, a strongly worded letter is already on its way. Back to the training though and unbelievably I managed to get to the gym in our hotel on Saturday morning despite several obstacles, namely the bike running out of batteries (yes really), the running machine being made out sponge and a mild hangover.

Back in the real world and on Monday morning I had my first proper 'really can't be arsed' moment and am ashamed to say that I skipped the morning swim. Guilt and frustration were compounded when I realised I'd left my bike lock at home meaning no after work swim, doh! There are some days that I think are sent to test you and Monday was one of those days, everything seemed against me and for no particular reason I was in a foul mood. Then again in the grand scheme of things it could be a whole lot worse so I laced up my trainers and went for an easy run clocking up 65 mins; i-pod ran out of battery after 20mins aaarrrggghhh.

Swimming this week was enjoyable on both days and am beginning to feel slightly more fish like if that's possible. According to those in the know once you have cracked the fabled art of a perfect swim technique you don't move through the water as such it moves around you. Yeah right. Every time I try to focus on an individual part like the 'catch' or the 'in sweep' I find myself forgetting every other part and suddenly floundering mid length. Also if i'm honest I don't really know what those parts of the stroke actually refer to so I've decided not to get too worried and just try to keep everything as constant as possible, and just swim. Oh and you'll be happy to hear that I'm now pretty bloody good at counting my lengths. Small steps.

Another brick session mid week from cycle to run and bizarrely I absolutely loved it, what a weirdo! Thursday afternoon/evening was our work sales conference and after talks from the heads of department our surprise guest rocked up and it was none other than Bear Grylls! What an absolute hero. He was incredible and told the frankly epic story of his Everest summit at the age of just 23 where four out of the six of the group died. He's also just been made Chief Scout and has done so much in such a short space of time. He was very humble and passionate and had everyone captivated for an entire hour, you could have heard a pin drop in the room. We were shipped down to London Bridge for the evening do and treated to a great bash with Colin Murray as the compare. He too was great, didn't take himself too seriously and sung a hilarious song that he'd written about advertising on his mini guitar:

Friday is the scheduled day off and so far I've been pretty good at sticking to that, today was no exception! Again this weekend i'm going to be away so training will not be possible. I'm off to Wales with Dad and pals to a secluded lake which we have hired out for a weekend of fly fishing. I did think about asking if I could take my wetsuit and have a little open water swim but apparently that isn't the done thing on a fly fishing trip.

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