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5 Jun 2009

Week Four

Week four it appears was supposed to be a gentle week, taking it a bit easier with all sessions cut down in time and distance. Nah, what's the point in that! Both pool sessions felt good this week although I did get a shock on Monday morning when I arrived slightly early to find the 'triathlon club' just finishing up. That quickly put to bed the idea of possibly joining them, not only do they meet at 6.30am, they are all absolute gun-houses.

Mid week I was back in the gym trying a run-bike combo, this time doing sets of 8mins on each and jumping straight from bike to runner without stopping. It is still a horribly unnerving experience but still also weirdly enjoyable. I think I should have heeded the advice of the plan because come Friday I was starting to struggle and after a morning shopping in the heat of Saturday I was pretty much spent.

The week itself has been fairly uneventful with nothing much going on so Saturday night was a welcome break to that at a very smart engagement party in Pimlico, on a roof terrace with free champagne - oh how the other half live. We spent Sunday lying in the park which entailed the usual process of dropping off, dribbling and then waking with a start totally confused and with no idea where you are. Come on we've all done it. I am feeling pretty tired though so am a bit concerned that perhaps I should have eased off this week like instructed.

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