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13 Jun 2009

Week Six

As I write this I have just realised that the end of week six is a horribly significant point to pass. I'm half way there, time wise that is, fitness wise, who knows? I certainly feel fitter and can definitley swim more comfortably than when I first started but the bike and run feel pretty much the same. I am now starting to get a little concerned about the run, so far all I have been asked to do is 'easy endurance run' by the all seeing, all ruling 12 week plan. Should I be doing some speed work, short sprints, fartleks etc? I had to run 10 mins further than last week's run but as I missed that I settled on an extended run home from work clocking up 65 mins in total and feeling great for it. Should I feel great, I really don't know.

Swimming got excting this week when for the first time I was required to swim a 750m set flat out. I managed to complete 30 lengths in just under 15 mins which I am very happy with and taking into consideration our friend the large hairy man stopping mid length to do his standard back-sculling, I feel this is even better. One thing that worried me slightly was the almost constant arm pain so I am definitely heading down to Tooting Bec Lido to get used to swimming for longer periods of time in one go.

Mid week was the cycle/run combo and in classic style I went off plan having decided that 50 mins on the bike without headphones would be purgatory. Instead I opted for 20km as fast as possible (32 mins) followed straight away by 5km on the runner (22 mins) which hurt, a lot. Having said that next weekend I am doing a sprint tri in preparation (a week early but who's perfect?) and it was at least satisfying to know that I could complete the distance in I think a pretty reasonable time.

Today has been spent shopping for wedding rings, Ikea Kitchens and Homebase paints as training for this triathlon malarky just isn't time consuming enough but I am planning to head out on Jessica tomorrow for at least a few hours. Finally, and quite possibly most importantly of all I have succumbed to what I believe triatheletes refer to as tri-kit-obsessive-disorder. I bought my own wetsuit. What a Sucker.

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