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13 Jun 2009

Weak Five

Oh dear

Oh dear. Week five has NOT been a good week for training. I can make excuses but really I should just stop drinking. It wasn't like the week didn't get off to a great start, a beautiful Monday morning complete with run into work along the canal, excellent.

Unfortunately from there it was very much downhill and I have only just started to get back on top of things. Tuesday night was a black tie awards do which quite frankly was rubbish. The comedian had no humour and made no effort whatsoever to engage with the audience, the awards themselves started very late and we hardly won anything. To cap it off some idiot bumped into me on my way outside and emptied a whole glass of red wine all over my shirt.

An unnecessary hangover on Wednesday meant that there was little chance of training and then having agreed to meet the boys on Wednesday eve a few more beers prevented anything that evening or the next morning! Feeling irritable, tired and groggy I forced myself out on the bike on Thursday night and loved every minute. Flew up towards Barnet on Jessica and as ever she went like a dream. The route, apart from being an out and back, is actually a corker as there are plenty of hills, not too many interruptions and and even some open space. I even managed to power up Muswell Hill on the big ring - bloody hell that hurt though!

These training diaries usually go on about appropriate food to fuel such training so I thought it was about time I mentioned mine, highly sophisticated as it is. For pre-exercise energy and getting me through hungry points in the day (every hour or so) I like to polish off a cinnamon bagel with peanut butter. Along with that I eat as much fruit as possible, as much free cake as I can lay my hands on and then as big an evening meal I can. For breakfast I have found, regardless of exercise, that nothing really fills me up so am currently on Oat-So-Simple with honey which pains me every single morning.

I made it to the pool on Friday morning and although only 30mins still managed 1200m which felt very good, so was happy with that. To finish a week of poor training I had an excellent day at the cricket on Saturday watching the West Indies tear Australia apart. The atmosphere was fantastic, our picnic was epic and yes, the beers slipped down a bit too well. Next thing I knew I was showing off dance moves on the decking at a mates' bbq; it was only 8.30pm.

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