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21 Jul 2009

Week Eleven

Coming into the week still feeling a bit groggy and bunged up was worrying but I gave myself Monday evening off to fully recuperate and by Tuesday was itching to get going again. I restrained myself enough to get around the park several times at a gentle pace and immediately felt better for it. In a way I suppose the rest gave my body time to recover and re-discover the urge to be exercised multiple times a week but it also re-confirmed how much it also enjoys morning lie-ins!

I managed a really strong swim on Wednesday, forcing myself to breathe on alternate sides for the entire 1800m and even managed to overtake 'hairy beast man' in this manner. Whether he was impressed as he sculled gently on his back down the fast lane I don't know but I was certainly chuffed.

Commitment levels reached a new high on Thursday when I finished a meeting near Farringdon at 5pm and made the effort to cycle back up to Kings Cross, blast out a hard session in the gym and then head back down to Farringdon to say hello to several friends back from travelling. Although the all knowing plan didn't suggest it I went for a run/bike combo and absolutely ruined myself repeating this process, jumping from bike to runner and back again several times. Even more impressively I resisted any booze in the pub, much to my and everyone else's amazement. Those days of Thursday night binges are over! It's a surreal feeling when stone cold sober you meet up with people who have been drinking for several hours, it's also very loud.

I finished the week with a sprint in the pool and then a mixed run in the park on Sunday, with several longer sprints throughout to keep my on my toes. The race is now just two weeks away (the observant amongst you will notice that this is week 11 of 12 but I started a week early and so will have had 13 in total) and there is no pretending now, I'm crapping myself!

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